Xeomin® (incobotulinumtoxinA)


If you’ve grown tired of frown lines and crows’ feet, there are lots of options for fading these common signs of aging. Chances are you’ve heard of Botox injections, which are used to reduce the look of crow’s feet, frown lines, forehead furrows, and other fine lines on the face. But Botox is no longer the only option for those looking for a more relaxed and refreshed appearance. Aspire Weight Loss & Wellness in Fontana, CA also offers Xeomin® treatments, which are similar to Botox and offer many of the same benefits.

What is Xeomin®?

If you’re starting to notice the tiny creases and frown lines on your face becoming harder to ignore, don’t despair. With Xeomin® you can restore your youthful appearance faster than ever before. Xeomin® was developed as a cosmetic alternative to Botox treatments to give your face a smoother, younger, less stressed look. The thing that separates Xeomin® from other injectable wrinkle treatments (like Botox, Dysport, Jeuveau) is the fact that Xeomin® is a “naked injectable,” meaning that it does not contain any additives. A benefit of a pure-form injectable is that the human body is less likely to become resistant to it.


Aging Skin

As we get older, the skin on our face becomes less elastic, and fine lines and wrinkles take over. If you were to stretch out a thin layer of skin, it’s only about as thick as a few sheets of paper. When you add loose skin and facial muscle movement into the mix, that thin layer of skin can become easily creased. Many people start to notice lines showing up around their eyes and forehead, which is often referred to as collateral damage from aging. Thankfully, Xeomin® treatments from Dr. Cox can help reverse the appearance of these wrinkles almost immediately.

What Should I Expect From a Xeomin® Treatment?

This popular treatment is fast, safe, and effective for all skin types. And the thing that so many of our patients love is that there is no downtime. Most of our patients that receive this treatment are in and out of our office in less than thirty minutes, and can return back to their normal routine. Doesn't this sound a lot like a Botox treatment?

You can expect Xeomin® injections to be quick and painless. The needle used during the treatment is small, so you’ll feel a pinch when it goes in, but that’s about it. If you want, we’re happy to apply a topical numbing cream prior to your appointment for some extra comfort.

How to Prepare For Your Xeomin® Treatment

The week prior to your Xeomin® treatment, avoid taking aspirin, anti-inflammatories (such as Advil or Aleve), ginkgo biloba, vitamin E, multivitamins, and fish oil supplements. Compounds in these oral supplements and medications may increase bruising and bleeding from the injections. If you need pain relief in the week prior to treatment, Tylenol works great.

Prep Your Skin for your Xeomin® Treatment

In preparation for your injectable treatment, we recommend avoiding topical products such as retinol, Retin-A, retinoids, and glycolic acid for at least two days before your procedure. Avoid drinking alcohol 48-72 hours before your procedure – save the happy hour for another night rather than the night before your injectable treatment.

After Your Appointment

When it comes to aftercare, you’ll need to stay away from some of the same things you avoided before treatment, as well as anything that can irritate your skin or affect the placement of the neuromodulator in the muscle. Follow these tips to help ensure optimal results and avoid any complications. We want you looking and feeling your very best as soon as possible after your treatment!

For the first few hours after your treatment: Don’t lie down and don’t wear a hat. Don’t rub or put any pressure on your treatment area.

Over the next few days: Leave your treatment area alone. Avoid any physical pressure, laying down on your face, or rubbing on the area of injection for a few days.

Wait 24 hours to work out or exert yourself after your treatment. By raising your blood pressure, exercise can both increase your risk for bruising or swelling and increase the chances of the product spreading rather than remaining in the area your injector intended the product to stay. Avoid excessive heat and UV exposure. Sun exposure can prolong redness or swelling after injections, so protect your skin with sunscreen and good sun protection practices. You will also want to avoid saunas, hot yoga, steam rooms, or other activities that involve lots of heat.

Don’t drink alcohol for 24 hours after injections as it can increase the risk of bruising.

Continue to avoid blood thinners for 24 hours after your treatment. (Tylenol is OK).

Wait two days to re-introduce retinol into your skincare routine.

At Aspire Weight Loss & Wellness, we believe that education is key. Not only before treatment, but after as well. We want your injectables to look great and last as long as possible, so we offer you the opportunity to schedule a follow-up consultation with your injector. Your injector will examine your results and help provide any further tips or advice on how to achieve optimal results for your next treatment.

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