Skinny Shots FAQs

Skinny Shots are injections made of unique combination of lipotropic compounds (methionine, inositol, choline, L-carnitine) and B Vitamins.

Lipotropic compounds help catalyze the breakdown of fat in the body in the following ways:

  • Increasing the removal of fat via the liver
  • Breaking down fat stores (adipose tissue)
  • Preventing the storage of fat
  • Converting fat stores for additional energy and fuel
  • Cleansing the liver of bile and toxic build-up

The combination of lipotropic compounds and B vitamins is designed to jumpstart the body’s metabolism to specifically promote weight loss.

Skinny Shots also boost energy and promote hormone balance. The injections can shift your body into burning fat faster, thereby increasing overall metabolism.

At Aspire Weight Loss & Wellness, we offer 4 week, 6 week, 8 week, or 10 week packages of the Skinny Shots which may include weekly injections along with a sublingual spray containing the same lipotropic compounds that are in the Skinny Shots (Be-Thin Spray), and/or daily appetite suppressants to help you love your healthy body. Our clients love the Skinny Shots, and report increased energy, mental clarity, inch loss, and weight loss.