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How Can Kybella® Slim Your Face and Jawline?

Do you have a double chin? Kybella® is the first and only non-surgical solution for reducing fat underneath the chin. It’s an easy and safe treatment that can completely change your appearance by removing the excess fat from beneath your chin.

Aspire Weight Loss & Wellness offers Kybella® in Fontana, CA.

Kybella® is the first and only FDA approved injectable treatment to contour and slim the fat below the chin (known as "double chin" or "submental fullness"). Kybella® can also be injected into small areas of stubborn fat over the body such as the back, underarm bulge, back of the arms, inner thighs, or abdomen. The FDA-approved Kybella™ injection uses deoxycholic acid to effectively eliminate fat cells beneath the chin. Unlike other treatments, this nonsurgical procedure is virtually painless and can reduce the appearance of your double chin by an average of 25% in just one treatment. Patients love this treatment option for fat reduction because it is relatively painless and quick (usually injections take 10-15 minutes). For many of our patients, the best part about Kybella® is that the fat cell destruction is permanent!

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