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The CDC now recommends everyone use cloth mask face covers in public. (Read the full updated guideline here)
But there’s also a shortage of masks for healthcare workers.

Supporting our frontline healthcare workers with N95 Mask Extenders. Healthcare Heroes Healing Hands.

Frontline healthcare workers all over the nation are being asked to reuse the same mask for days to weeks at a time.

These masks are designed for one-time use to prevent cross contamination. The protective equipment that keeps our doctors, nurses, hospital staff and patients safe is rapidly depleting.

Healthcare workers should not have to reuse disposable masks day after day.

Our healthcare heroes deserve better. Our patients deserve better.

Help us bridge this gap!

Utilizing fabric masks as N95 covers can extend the life of the valuable and limited N95 masks.

The fabric masks can also be used by everyone in public to comply with current CDC recommendations. 

All proceeds will be donated to Healthcare Heroes🩺Healing Hands to provide masks for frontline healthcare workers. 

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